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- Why you were banned?

i was banned for spam by the console

- Why did you do it?

i was showing a person who wanted to be kicked to se if his account was being hacked and it then benned me

- Why you want to be unbanned?

because i think that it was an accedent and i was accualy trying to help someone when i was banned

- Why we should unban you?

because i was trying to help someone! the server had no reason to ban me but its a computer and doesnt know what wi was doing only that i had spammed

- What will you do differently next time to prevent this from happening.

not spam when showing someone how to get themselves kicked for a good reason

- Please elaborate with additional information:

i had been kicked multipul times before for doing /jump over and over again to get to far placed on the map and this time i guess i had reached my limit for being kicked so the console banned me.




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