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As many of you all know, I was banned around 2 months ago. Not every one knows why so I am going to tell you. I was banned for spamming by console. The reason I was spamming was the most confusing part. So, long story made semi-short, there was a player of whos name i have forgotten who though they had been hacked and wanted me to kick them. I responded politly with the responce of "I'm sorry but I can't kick you", but I now a way you can be kicked. I told the player to spam repeat something and you will be kicked. A little background, I like to seek out new places to build things and when I do that I usualy do the comand /jump, that comes with my lemur donor rank, repeatedly. By doing this the server kicks me. So when I did this again to demonstrate for this player that it was a fine way of getting kicked, for the record I only said this because at the time the only playrs on were Izzy (AFK), Don (also AFK), the other player, and me there for not harming anything or any other player, I was then permanently banned for repeated spamming. 

I was slightly suprized at this but it did not bug me all that much and so I imediatly went to the server ban appeals hoping to fufill a simple appeal to get the entire thing cleared up. On my way I stumbled across the ban appeal/complaint thread by Mars and the last person to respond was The_Elder_Goat, who happens to be my closest friend of the server so I decided to read it. It was on a very touchy topic to me so because i was banned I dercided to write a post on the matter giving my opinion on the entire situation. After that I calmly filled out my ban appeal and exited. I waited around 3 days for it to be checked.

The_Elder_Goat, bless her heart, went onto the server and asked the moderator on to check my ban appeal because we happen to have been in the middle of constructing a new house and moving in which I was in charge of and knew the new location for it. The moderator responded with that I had lied on the ban appeal and that she wasnt going to unban me. Well after a long and tiring process of posts on my ban appeal I was over all told no. I had even sent a personal appology letter to the person that my complaints had been directed at.

So around a month passes and i then just copy and paste my ban appeal again thinking that it had blown over I had said I was sorry multipul times and thought that maybe I could get back on. I wait another 2 weeks then again i ask The_Elder_Goat to ask Panda to unban me.

We have now finaly made it to the point of my complaints. She was told that I could not be unbanned under any cercumstances but one. To become unbanned I had to pay 50 dollors. Ok let me reapeat that. 50 DOLLORS, 50 $$$. Now i want you to tell me. Would you pay $50 to become unbanned from ANY server? If I had the money I probably would if I could spare it. But I am a 14 year old with a monthly alowence of 10$ which half of goes into college savings. How is any reasonable person going to pay that price? I had reapeatedly said sorry for my actions, I had told the entire situation to Panda, and then after I wait almost 3 MONTHS to become unbanned I am told that. I LOVE CocoCraft. I have been there since the VERY begining. ask the oldest players you know. And I just want to say. This is unfair treatment for the reason I was banned. I was console banned for HARMLESS spamming to HELP somebody. And the enite thing has been blown out of porportion so if you would like me back on the server I could really use some help here because right around now I'm at the point of getting on my knees and begging. So PLEASE help me, iwillmameyou, back onto the server.


And if you still think I'm not accualy sorry, just know, that i spent 45 min writing this. and thats more than i pay attention in school durring science class. (which is my favorite subject)




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I will try my best. There is a player that i know that is willing to have people unbanned.



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