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cococraft is going to die. theres a way to fix it. i saided the key was voting really all i wanted to do was to make the server get tons of vote so maybe panda would update the place. that didnt work i have messaged him many times on updating im sure some of you have to. doesnt panda the owner stll care about mc no probaly not will he ever see this? i guess is no does he even come on cocoraft anymore yes does he update no. updating to 1.9 is not hard to do its just panda is to lazy. COCOCRAFT IS DYING PANDA UPDATE THE SERVER. plz do not read on if you do read at you own risk

message to panda- you dont ever message me back im nice when i talk to you im sick of you not caring pass on the server or update it let me tell you something one of YOUR STAFF  made there own 1.9 server and took almost  all of the OG players and a few new ones you might know of this thing you dont know IF I didnt care and think cococraft was good i wouldnt have stayed you know what i left cococraft came back to it cuz i love the place. IF I didnt promote voting to player cococraft WOULD BE DEAD already think about panda staff dont play on your server THERES NOTHING LEFT once you hit cocobear. UPDATE to 1.9 REST WORLDS RESET BALANCES RESET STATS thats the start off update the server ram if "the server cant hold the updates" people have gave way more money then whats needed to host your server what does it cost like 30$ max maybe 45 if you got a host thats really good. still update the server if i didnt know what i was talking about i woldnt be ******* telling you this im getting ******** off at you and others are to JUST BAN ME do this /ban XxYoloPopTartxX and for the reason do this /ipban XxYoloPopTartxX i gave up on cococraft i dont want to do it anymore. DO THAT and i wont massage you ever again HELL i wont even talk **** about your server PANDA i want the best for your server and i keep telling you YOU WONT LISTEN i did this on the forums so PEOPLE can see how you dont care. YOU SAY THIS AND THAT i dont see anything happening ? "ill reset the end in the new year" YO ITS BEEN THE NEWYEAR FOR A MONTHS wheres our reset "i got plans for cococraft dont worry i having gave up i dont have anytime i want to use on cococraft at the minute" YOU KNOW WHAT I SAY  TO THAT BS on the plans part the other part is the truth. "im thinking about making custom mobs for the server" yep ok maybe one day.  ALL TALK NO WALK. 

plz update the boody server panda 

you need a list on what to do message me ill send you a BIG LIST  everything on it from the plugins name to the things you need to code in it

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i don't like 1.9 ._.



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im with jr on this, i laready gave you all the plugins we currently need that work on 1.9

i already tested it all just PLEASE update it

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Hi, I really do appreciate your genuine concern for the server and I acknowledge that I have not been making any changes. Many players have expressed that they enjoy the server staying on 1.8, and after several failed attempts at updating I decided that staying on 1.8 would be best for the server for the time being. I would really like to update in the future, and if you like you can help me with that. I'm very sorry, but its just discouraging when the other attempts resulted in lost stats and broken plugins, so I decided it would be okay to wait it out. I have not tried to update in the past month, and I may attempt it again once school ends if it seems that everything will be stable. I would rather not update if it would make the server unstable, though, and the past attempts have shown that. It is on 1.8 for the time being because the server is more stable that way. 


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