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I was thinking, many other servers have great prizes for voting for their server. Some have a point system, where voting on certain sites grants players with voting points. These points can then be used to buy certain items, gamble, or even get a voting rank.

Our monthly draw is awesome but that only includes 10 people and you can make it into the top ten without too much effort. This leaves those who went out of their way every day to vote a little bit disregarded. Also many people don't feel the desire to vote despite it helping the server they spend so much time on.

How about aditional rewards? or perhaps a different system? I'd love to see Cococraft expand, and voting may help this ambition, and generate additional players

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I think this is a lovely idea for the server, But I think the whole "voting for stuff" is a little bit touchy, People that use "VPN" with their computers tend to have their IP changed a lot for certain reasons, So I believe that would be a glitch in the system as they can always vote non-stop by simply just changing the IP. I also would think that we should have a lottery (I think this server has had that before though) so players also have a fun way of getting money rather than just selling items and making stores.


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I like the economy as it is at the moment and I think an lottery or a vote upgrade would be unneeded. No support, sorry mate.

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