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So a couple weeks ago I found out that some of the donator and prestige perks have been glitched out and no longer work due to 1.9/1.10 problems with plugins. Understandable, however, the Skilled Forger perk for prestiging is no longer working. Also understandable, but then I found out it won't be coming back because of the addition of the Mending enchant. 

Should it be allowed for those who had the Skilled Forger perk to be refunded a prestige point? I don't want to have wasted an entire prestige for nothing.


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It has now become obvious that some of the perks are not compatible with 1.10.  Anyone who has the perks that don't work let me know ingame so I can refund the point.

Thanks, Scout

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Panda Bear

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Hi Argie, The repair plugin has been fixed and re-added to the server :D


Why i left cocoa craft after i was used by the staff of cococraft.

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