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Lately there has been much confusion on words that are considered swear words.

If you're not sure a word is appropriate or not, it probably isn't.

You can message a staff member anytime to ask or post in this thread.

If there are rules questions, you need to first read all of the rules (this can be done on the website or in game by typing /rules) and then the last paragraph of the websites homepage.

If you still have questions please message a staff member or post in this thread.

We, the staff do not go out of our way to ban people. We try to assist in making Cococraft a family friendly environment. Remember that its actually in the rules to always respect one another. That applies to people who've been here for years and those who've only been here for hours.

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I have been proposing for a list of swear words that I can not use sent to me and some others. This is to make sure we fully grasp the rules and the fact that it is an easier solution, rather than saying what is okay and what is not okay all the time. Adding to this, I do see staff members leaving because there are arguments about "why can't you use ___".

Without mentioning names, I have, in fact, sent this proposal to a staff member, yet I see no list coming, although the person told that he would send me the list in a week.

Lastly, looking at the situation, I would not consider the staff to be responsible. It is, in fact, themselves, that are causing the drama and sadness.

Firstly, the fact that the staff choose to mute/ban people or say "enough" is nowhere near what I consider responsible. Obviously, players will not learn why they do is wrong, and carry on. I will surely carry on - and in the past (before this incident), even when I was warned, potentially muted or banned, I still carried on.

Secondly, the staff leaving because of small reasons is not what a staff should be like. It is their responsibility to keep "Cococraft a family friendly environment". It is the equivalent of saying "aw I give up, I'm too lazy to cope with these stupid players so ima leave and play on mini-game servers" (In the past (before this incident), I have seen many "busy" staff that have been playing on other servers!).

Lastly, I consider the staff, in general, to be nice, yet at the same time, they are irresponsible. All my points suggest this, yet one large point I have to say is, it is not right for you to simply quit the game. Think as if us players are small kids - kids that need educating. You all are like child-abusing parents when you abandon us and you run away from the place. It is the same thing as “quitting”.

So, my point is, either you all learn from Scratch about what it takes to be a good staff, or - step down as staff like someone did recently.




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Hey fellow players!

I would like to point out that Steve here was a bit harsh on expressing his thoughts. 

I personaly feel that the staff doesnt have an easy role and is why it is given only to those thought to be capable. i believe every staff member that i came across was giving it their best and gave me assistance i required. However i do agree with one thing Steve said, the feeling of abandonment is there becuase some staff that left without a formal explanation as they were a big part of the server. I will miss them and there is certainly no hard feeling of what so ever. For those who remain i would appriciate a bit more activeness even though some might be very busy in real life and maybe that is the reason to look for some help. 

I write this not to judge or criticise but only to try to point out of how the situation could improve in my opinion.

I have enjoyed my expirience on the server so far and hope it keeps that way in the future




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The idea was thrown out to make a list of curse words that players would not be able to use, but given more thought, the idea of posting up a list of curse words may not be the best idea. If it comes down to it, ask the staff about a word to learn if it should be used or not.

Some staff memebers, even when put under pressure and responsibility, should have acted more professioanlly, im very sorry about how the past few days had been as it was a crazy week for us all. With what staff we have left, we are trying to talk and work together on what we can fix and improve about ourselves and the way we go about things. We will continue to work and act more professional and evade any sort of crazy or un-proffessional acts anymore.

Thank you for taking the time to discuss this with us




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