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So, to preface this I’ve been playing on Cococraft on and off since March of 2014, I’ve seen the ups and the downs and right now I think the server is a little dated and boring. I’m going to be compiling a list of suggestions and why I think the suggestion should be accepted, this will include my ideas, and ideas other people have had. If I mention a plugin you should add ill link those at the bottom.

First please update to 1.12 as soon as all the plugins update


Voting seems to be lacking since back in the old 1.10 world things have only gotten worse. I would suggest adding voting back with the plugin Provotes, this would get people voting again because it solves the biggest problem, there is no /vote command no way to get the links to vote from inside the game! Along with Provotes to add a reward system you should add a voting crate, I understand this may seem like coco would be turning into one of those big servers with all the fun stuff but lacking player interaction, but I think having only one crate would not make it into something like that. For this I’ve used the plugin Crazy Crates before which is easy to configure and very powerful. The crate could have things like diamonds, rare tools, money, McMMO points, etc.


Speaking of money, the economy is very much missing the shop with the villagers and stuff I feel are confusing, I sure don’t understand how to set them up! I think coco should revert to using the Quickshop plugin. We’re all familiar with how this plugin works and as far as I know we all like it. With the QS plugin people could start building stores and the economy could start working. However, this would not solve it completely, I saw some time about that main market was going to be setup again which could either destroy the economy or make it grow like cow manure makes a tomato plant grow. In 1.10 the main market was very unbalanced a simple cactus farm could make you a multi-billionaire which cannot happen again. The shop should sell everything but only buy things like coal, iron, diamonds, you know things that you can’t farm like crazy.

Donator ranks

This is a touchy subject so I won’t talk much about it, but after Giraffe the only reason you would donate more is to get the disguise which no one really uses, or because you want to donate. You could significantly raise donations by adding useful perks to higher ranks. And if you fear you would break Mojang Eula keep in mind that the Eula was only made to sell Minecraft to Microsoft for more money and its only enforced on big servers like >1000 player servers.

Some ideas for perks:

• Kits

• Trails

• McMMO points with GuiRedeemMCMMO

• Silkspawners

• Keep inventory on death

• /book reopen

• Permanent beacon effects with PermaPotions

• More hearts


Mabey make an official discord server using the plugin DiscordSRV to link Minecraft chat with discord?


I think adding a server map would be a cool idea so then you can better see what’s where, you can access such a map from your browser and could embed it into the Cococrafters website. Also with that add the Dynmap-GriefPrevention link plugin which will highlight claims


Mabey add warps back for things like towns and shops but make sure to limit them, maybe a 1 warp per player thing?


I would recommend getting the Towny plugin it would tie the player base together better and make it funner. Also with Towny get the TownyGUI plugin. But this would not replace the current Grief Prevention plugin keep that. And along with Towny add the Dynmap-Towny link plugin.


Provotes This is a $6 plugin but I’ve bought it before and would be happy to give you my copy

Crazy Crates 1.7.3:

Quickshop 0.9.35:

GuiRedeemMCMMO 1.5.4:

PermaPotions 0.4.0:

DiscordSRV 14.8:

Dynmap-GriefPrevention 2.5.1:


TownyGUI 0.17:

Dynmap-Towny 0.5:


Thank you for reading and I hope to see some of my suggestions in game.


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We have taken notice of some of your reccommendations and are thinking about taking them into consideration.

Thank you.




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We now have an offical discord channel!

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