1. Minecraft IGN:
2. Preferred name:
3. How long have you played minecraft?
4. Have you ever been banned from another server?
--- If yes, why?
5. Why do you want to become a member?
6. What can you contribute to the server?
7. Why do you think we should make you a member?
8. Please write a brief sentence about yourself:
9. What is rule number 2?
10. Do you plan on being a dedicated member?

Interested in joining us on the server? Please follow the following steps:

1. Read the rules!
-- Please understand them fully.

2. Sign up for the website!
-- Change your profile picture.

3. Fill out the questions provided in your info!
-- Make sure to fill out all questions! 

4. Come on the server!
-- Let us know you have registered! 

5. Have fun!!!

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